Tibetian Tea Fruit Flavour


Tibetian Tea   For Weight Loss Fat Burner Dieters 90 tea bags

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The best known and most effective decision to maintain weight and aid in the weight loss process is Tibetan tea.
Tibetan tea contains about 12 natural herbs with the addition of vitamin C combined together according to an ancient and secret Tibetan formula.
Tibetan tea is very effective for weight loss thanks to the acceleration of the natural metabolism process in the body, turning
Fat for energy, calming the nervous system and releasing fluids.
Contains 90 sachets, about 2 g of sachet.
Ingredients Tibetan Fruit Forte:
Bay leaves, linden, nettle, lemongrass, mint, rosebuds, green tea, chamomile, echinacea, Terminal Chevola, Terminal Blerica, Vitamin C, apple, blackberry, orange peel, rose flowers, hibiscus, natural fruit extract .
Instructions for use: Put 1 bag of tea in a cup and pour boiling water, wait 3-5 minutes. Can be sweetened as needed.
Drink 3 cups a day 15-20 minutes after eating.
You can prepare the required amount in a jar and keep in the refrigerator.